Sunday, April 6, 2014

Museum of Natural History and Science

Today is the first Sunday of the month.
Do you know what that means?
Free admission for residents!

I proposed an outing to the
Museum of Natural History and Science

Our adventure started out with dinosaurs!

The world was very different when they roamed the earth.

They were very big!

Dinosaurs and other creatures on the earth kept changing.

Then, meteors came and they all died.
They became fossils and fossil fuels.

Then there were caves and volcanoes
and how rocks are formed.

The caves were fun to walk through,
but hard to photograph!

New animals started to walk the earth,
like wolves.

and the saber toothed tiger!

There was a table that had different kinds of rocks on it.
Someone did a good job balancing the rocks!

I wandered through the Natural Science Center,
which is a classroom.
It had some live animals like snakes,
and skeletons of smaller animals
that can be found today.

I enjoyed my Sunday morning
out with dinosaurs
at the Museum of Natural History and Science!

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