Sunday, February 16, 2014

When We Were Little

When I was young,
there was no remote control on the TV.
There was no cable TV.
Phones with dials were attached to the walls.
There were no answering machines.
We had to learn good manners 
when we answered the phone and took a message.

During the summer, we ran through the sprinklers,
played kickball with the neighborhood kids,
rode our bikes and roller skated.

We dug in the dirt and played under and in the trees.

We lived outside.

We knew that presents were for birthdays and Christmas.
We did not have people buying stuff for us constantly,
but we had enough to play with; enough to do.

We read books and used our imaginations.

Flowers, sticks and stones were just as handy to play with
as a store bought toy.

And our favorite doll
had a trunk and a tiny wardrobe of clothes.

She came with us when we spent the night at grandma's house.
She came with us when we played outside.

Our lives were about creativity and imagination.
We were engaged in the world around us
and the world within us.

If you have an 8 inch Child Doll
and would like to play, you are invited to join us.
Although the world outside of us has changed,
the world within is still calling....

When We Were Little...8 Inch Child Dolls

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