Monday, February 17, 2014

Almost Spring at the Botanic Garden

With spring-like temperatures and an annual pass to the Bio Park,
it was time for a day out at the Botanic Garden!

Pansies were starting to bloom in the planters.

There were lots of beautiful places at the Botanic Garden
that were not in bloom yet.

There are many small fountains at the Botanic Garden.
They were not turned on.

The model train built into the landscaping
was one of my favorite features today!

The duck pond was filled with active ducks and geese.

We continued down the path,
observing the browns and twiggy nature of winter.

As we approached the Mediterranean Green House,

I stopped on a rock with cactus in the background.

Okay, the Mediterranean Green House had the best flowers.
It was the best place to play!

Finally, we went on a stroll through the Japanese Garden.

Pause for a Story:
I stood on the post of this fence, but I fell off into the dirt.
It kind of cricked my neck some, and got mud on my hat!
So...then I got to photo-bomb a picture.

After I brushed my hat off, I was fine.
We have a rule in our house.
We do not stand where we cannot fall.
That means don't chip your nose or fall into a zoo enclosure.
Don't ask. Those are real things that have happened here.
So, take it from me,
Don't stand where you cannot fall.

 And on we went.
I love evergreens!

When we decided that we were done with our visit,
we headed back toward the exit.

But, for our friends who are tired of winter,

I wanted to re-assure you that spring is coming! 


  1. What a fabulous day out and a great set of photos. Really enjoyed them.

  2. Love your pictures, and your doll :)