Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tingley Beach in the Winter

Will told me that last year on January 2nd,
he went to Tingley Beach.
The temperatures had been below freezing,
and parts of the man-made fishing ponds were frozen over.
Ducks could sit on top of the ice.

Well, this week, the temperatures have been above freezing,
and it was a beautiful, crisp winter morning!
People came out to feed the ducks and the geese.

Tingley Beach is a series of man-made fishing ponds
with an Albuquerque story.
It also has some pretty cool art!

 The first pond on the north side of the park is for model boaters.
I did not see any out today.

 Over the summer, Will and I visited Tingley Beach
with Jubilee. She went boating in this mountain fountain,
and Will and I went fishing.

This is my favorite place at Tingley Beach!

Jubilee's boating pond overlooks the children's fishing pond.

Winter is the best time of year to photograph the fountain!
It is the only time of year that children aren't climbing all over it
and playing in the water!

The third pond is a main fishing pond.
Next to the main pond, there is an area of central activities.
This building near the main pond has a snack bar, a gift shop,
and a place to buy fishing permits for people
over age 12.

The statue of the man is a statue of Clyde Tingley,
who was elected as the governor of New Mexico in 1934.
He made many contributions to Albuquerque 
in the first half of the 20th century.
Maybe the seated woman is his wife, Carrie Tingley.

I continued walking around the ponds.

At the end of the third pond,
there is a really amazing cottonwood root!
Okay, so this is my second favorite spot at Tingley Beach.

This sculpture is a fish ball.

That is right!
Look carefully...there are a bunch of fish!

The last pond is smaller and has a more private feel to it.
Where the other ponds had men, women, children, families,
and felt like a community place to hang out in your own space,
this pond was just men.
Although there are no rules about it,
some just seem to gravitate toward the back corner
and the out of the way parking lot.

This place has history, is free to visit if you don't need a fishing license,
and is very interesting!

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