Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bosque Roadrunner in the Winter

Today's quest started innocently enough.
I wanted to re-create this photo for my
One Object/30 Days Challenge.

Just for comparison,
this is the end result that I posted.

But...what actually happened is that I arrived too early.

I decided to hang out and wait for the sun to keep moving in the sky.

So, this is The Pueblo Montano Trailhead.

In the summer of 2004, there was a fire along the bosque.
The bosque is the forest that surrounds the Rio Grande.
Many trees were burned.
The trees at this trailhead were carved into a memorial
for the firefighters who fought through the night
to save homes and lives.

This is La Llorona.
The legendary weeping woman walks the river
searching for the souls of her lost children;
drowned in the river.
She just might pick you up if she finds you at the river
during the night!

Well, the trailhead does lead to a trail.
Maybe I should go for a walk
while the sun continues to rise.

Winter is very bare and blond!

I followed the trail out to the Rio Grande.

This is one of the bridges for people and cars
to cross to the other side!

The trail continues south along the river.
I didn't go that far.

I headed back to the trailhead.

There was still evidence of charred trees
on the other side of the bridge.

Maybe the sun is ready for my photo today.
How many photos does it take to get one photo a day?
 I think I actually was photographed about 20 times.
Between each round,
I had to look back and compare it to Jubilee's photo.


 Aren't I cute?

Well, as long as I am here,
I might as well hang out a little longer.
The sculptures are like an outdoor art gallery!

For the firefighters...

I hope you also had a wonderful first day
of 2014!

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  1. Well it looks like your day was much better and so much nicer than ours! Cold, wet, grey, windy and utterly miserable the weather is. So lovely to see all your photos, really enjoyed them.