Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday School and Flat Stanley

My person, who is a teacher,
does not normally go to work on Saturdays.
But, today she announced that she was going to go
to a training to learn about a smart board
called the Promethean Board.

Well, it could be interesting.

The assistant principal held the door open in the morning,
so it would have been rude to stop for a photo when we arrived.
I posed for a photo when she started her computer.
The big white board in the background is a Promethean Board.

One woman, who had come to help set up the training,
asked me if I was a part of a Flat Stanley project.
My person explained how she is taking photos of me
for a photo project on Ipernity. 

A short time into the training,
the participants used what they had learned to copy this picture.
How did my person do?

Then I waited and waited and waited...
through the rest of the training and through lunch,
which she enjoyed with other teachers instead of with me!

It was time to leave!
This is an atrium area by the school office.

We walked away from the school for more photos.
The nice teacher I had met the day I played on the playground
drove by and said "Your car is the other way!"
My person answered that she was taking pictures of me in front of the school.

Another teacher walked by.
My person leaned over to get more photos of me.
The teacher watched from his car and finally asked
"Is that a Flat Stanley project?"
Then she explained about how many of our friends 
have photo projects with toys.


But now, I was curious.
Who is Flat Stanley?
What is a Flat Stanley Project?

Flat Stanley is a book character in an old children's book.
My person said it was one of her favorites when she was young.
Stanley becomes flat through an accident,
and finds that he has new abilities as a flat person...
like being able to be sent in an envelope!

Older Version My Person Remembers
New Edition

Now school children can make their own Flat Stanley,
and send him off (or take him) to other places,
where he can get his photo taken.
It is a good way to learn about other people and places!

These are some Flat Stanley photos I found
through Google.

Hey...this is the high road to Taos!
I've been here!

Yep....looks pretty much like we do around here,
except non of us is flat!!!

So, I guess I was doing a Flat Stanley Project!

Who knew that you could learn something at school,
even when you go on a Saturday?

Mari's 30 Days of Winter

One Object, 30 Days
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Mari's 30 Days of Winter

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Weekend

I have been getting my photo taken every day for the last 21 days!
Sometimes I am not in the mood,
but sometimes I want to get out and do something fun.
This weekend was a good weather weekend for doing something fun!

On Saturday, we went to the park.
The park has a duck pond, so we watched ducks for awhile.

My roadrunner also followed us to the park.
I guess he wanted his picture taken, too!

It was so nice, that we hung around for awhile.

On Sunday, we visited Casa San Ysidro.
Casa San Ysidro is a historic rancho owned by the Albuquerque Museum.
Visitors can call the museum to sign up for scheduled tours.
Since we weren't on a tour, we just hung out around outside.

Casa San Ysidro was once owned by a private family.
They rebuilt and restored the rancho based on the original foundation.
They lived in the rancho for decades, collecting artifacts, art,
and daily use items from early New Mexico.
The building and the collection was purchased
by the Albuquerque Museum when the couple decided
to move onto their next home and project.

The San Ysidro Mission Church is across the street
from Casa San Ysidro.

The church is still an important part of the community,
both for church services and other events.
Imagine listening to beautiful music in this old church!

The rancho and the church are in a small, rural town on the north end of Albuquerque.
It was a peaceful and quiet place to spend a Sunday.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Playground Portraits

Something called a polar vortex has kept most of the country
buried in ice and snow this week. 
Niagra Falls

I have had nothing to complain about,
but our week began with below average temperatures and chilly mornings.
It has been warmer during the past few afternoons.
I was so happy to be able to play on the playground
after school today!

I hope wherever you are at, whether inside or outside,
you are staying safe and warm this month!