Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Going to the Zoo

Today was a beautiful day to get out!
I packed my bag and went to the zoo.

The gorillas seemed so human
that I thought perhaps I should ask their permission
before I took their photo.
Do they remind you of anyone in your life?

The zoo has a policy regarding what people are
not allowed to bring into the zoo.
No skateboards, fireworks, barbecue grills,
no CD players, no smoking, etc.
And NO TOYS!!!!!

I assume this policy is meant to keep the facility safe
and pleasant for people and animals.

I not only had Mari, I had 4 Zelfs!
I set down the rules immediately!
No swimming with the hippopotamus. 
No running with the giraffes.
NO falling into enclosures.

I am sure what they mean by "no toys"
is that they do not want toys to be thrown into
or fall into animal enclosures.
That could be unsafe.
An animal could choke or get sick if they ate a toy.

So, I made sure the Zelfs especially stayed far away
from animal enclosures.


"See, I know how to behave."
"I know."

But aren't they cute?

And so are the animals who actually live at the zoo.

Mama Rozie
with older daughter Daizy
and young calf Jazmine.

I found a lovely side garden I had not seen before.
I wonder if it is a break area for zoo employees.

Amphibians: Life on a Limb
More colorful friends!

We have not seen the polar bears yet!
We headed back toward the polar bears.

The polar bears were inside for lunch,
but a part of their exhibit area
made a perfect Zelf shelf!

After taking some pictures,
and enjoying the sound of the water in the exhibit,
the polar bears returned from lunch.

They negotiated passing each other on their walkway.

One decided to walk down the enclosure
to go swimming.

The other polar bear watched.

One took the plunge.

 The other polar bear continued to watch as we left.

We stayed awhile longer,
observing lions and tigers and kangaroos
at rest.

Before leaving,
I found one green spot for a last group photograph.

A zoo police officer walked by.
I popped Mari and all of the Zelfs back into my bag.

Really...I am very careful,
and I'm sure there are a lot of guests
who are harder on the property than I am.
Walk carefully and pick up after yourself!

My Zelf-tastic Adventures!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Flowers and Spring Sewing

Spring Break means time for Spring sewing!

After a trip to the quilting shop,
I made a dress for Jubilee.
Mari saw the beautiful butterflies,
and now has a shirt made from the same fabric
plus a pair of colorful blue capris.

What is in the flowers?
Is it an Easter egg waiting to be found?

The newest members of our house,
the Zelfs, joined Mari and Jubilee.

Do you still see the egg?

Garny wants to know where the chocolate bunny is!

Mari, Hitty Jubilee,
Pega Sue and Garny are ready for more

Spring Break Play!!!!