Monday, December 23, 2013

Home for the Holidays

This is a modular set of storage cubes
that I made into a dollhouse for my 8 inch dolls.
I created it for my 8 inch Lati dolls,
but it is now being used by my Heartstring dolls.

A few holiday decorations have been added to the home.
I made the fireplace, which is not in the house year round.
I also made the sofa.
The coffee table is a Strombecker dollhouse size table
that happened to work well as a coffee table.

The Christmas tree ended up in the kitchen.
The kitchen table is a vintage wooden table
similar to those made by Strombecker.

The stove, sink, refrigerator, and bookshelf/cabinet
are for 8 inch Madeline.
I also have the dishes and food accessories that go with it.
The two candles are real wax candles on handmade iron candle sticks. 

The play room is a room that has never been fully decorated.
The hopscotch mat is for 8 inch Madeline,
The green hula hoop came in the same play set.
The jump rope was a handmade accessory.
The easel is probably from Muffy Vanderbear.

The boy's bedroom has the larger Strombecker bed
with a bookshelf I made. I also finished the wood trunk.

The girl's bedroom has the smaller Strombecker bed
with a bookshelf I made. The dollhouse is a Christmas ornament
by Hallmark, in their Victorian house series.

The top floor was originally designed as a bedroom for
my 12 inch Lati, who ended up discolored from the natural light exposure.
It is now a tea party room.
It could use some more furniture and items in it.
The table and bench set was from an eBay seller.

The shelf was an unfinished display shelf.
I took off the clear lid, and finished it with wood stain.
Most of the items in it are by Rement,
as are the treats on top of the peg rail.
The peg rail is left-over from the 12 inch doll.

The bathroom consists of several Madeline bathroom sets.
There is one tub/toilet/hamper set, but there are two sinks and two accessory packs.
Purchasing two sets is how I ended up with two towel racks, 
two toothbrush sets, two little ducks, two mirrors, etc.
The scale in the bottom corner by the hamper is by Rement.

Also, there is a crocodile living in the tub.

I mean, if you had a crocodile in your house,
where would you put it?

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  1. Hmm, the bath tub seems like a good place to me. Reminds me of Zane ' s Alligator.
    You have a wonderful house. Sad that the Lati ' can't take the sun exposure.