Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Chocolate

It is time for Easter Candy!
I learned of a new product by Choco-Treasure.
They are offering a version of Kinder Surprise Eggs marketed to America.

The only theme I found in my local Target was Spiderman,
but they claim they will offer more choices.
I was hoping to find the Dinosaur Eggs at Target,
but Will happily took the Spiderman Egg.

Choco-Treasure passed American food safety laws
by molding chocolate egg halves over a plastic egg,
leaving an open seam in between.

 What is in this egg?

A roll of stickers!

How about the chocolate?
Well, you get what you pay for,
and the Choco-Treasure Egg was only $1.

This is what I went to Target for!

The solid milk chocolate bunny by Dove!

Would you rather open a surprise package,
or know what you are getting?

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