Monday, March 11, 2013

Early Spring at Tingley Beach

In January, Will visited Tingley Beach fishing ponds
when the temperatures had been below freezing
and the ponds were partially frozen.

Warmer early Spring temperatures have thawed the ponds.
Spring Break  has brought out the local children!

Two men had remote control model boats on the 
model boat pond.

The fountain at the children's pond was covered with climbing children!

Mari found her own place to rest and pose for pictures.

The main pond was populated by adult and teen-age fishers.

The man who camped out in this space on the access ramp had a professional set-up!

The third pond was quieter.

  At the end of the pond,
was a giant cottonwood root turned over.
It was filled with textures, waves and great places
for a small doll fort!

The antelope and the goat.

Do you see the goat?

There was lots of artwork all around.
This fishy ball is between the third and fourth ponds.

The fourth pond was quietest,
with beautiful water.

At the end of the fourth pond: Jackpot!
A tiny fountain without children on it!
Perfect photo op for Mari!

Not far away, turtles were sunbathing.

Stream between the third and fourth ponds:

Another cottonwood root:

What a great day at the ponds!

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  1. Love all of these great pics!! Thanks for posting them. - Nancy in Maine