Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Chocolate

It is time for Easter Candy!
I learned of a new product by Choco-Treasure.
They are offering a version of Kinder Surprise Eggs marketed to America.

The only theme I found in my local Target was Spiderman,
but they claim they will offer more choices.
I was hoping to find the Dinosaur Eggs at Target,
but Will happily took the Spiderman Egg.

Choco-Treasure passed American food safety laws
by molding chocolate egg halves over a plastic egg,
leaving an open seam in between.

 What is in this egg?

A roll of stickers!

How about the chocolate?
Well, you get what you pay for,
and the Choco-Treasure Egg was only $1.

This is what I went to Target for!

The solid milk chocolate bunny by Dove!

Would you rather open a surprise package,
or know what you are getting?

Around Taos and The High Road

This week, we were still on Spring Break
so we took a trip to Taos, New Mexico!

We enjoyed spending some time around the plaza

and at Mabel Dodge Luhan's House.
Mabel Dodge Luhan was a significant contributor to the arts
and a socialite of the early 20th century.
Her house is now a bed and breakfast inn.

Then, we went on a road trip!
The High Road is a mountain road between Taos and Santa Fe.
There are small, rural communities,
historic churches and Pueblos, and art galleries and studios.

 Scenic Roadside Stop

Many highways in New Mexico are scattered with descansos;
road side crosses to honor those who died in accidents
along the road in each spot.

We stopped by Las Trampas Mission Church

You can view the inside of Las Trampas here:

The main attraction is the Sanctuario de Chimayo.

Chimayo is known as a healing site among the faithful.
Each Easter, pilgrims walk many miles to show their devotion
on Good Friday and throughout the holy week.

Here is a brief version of the story of how the church came to be built
and why it is considered a place of miracles:

This is the website to learn more:

This is the link to view the inside of the church.
Visitors are not allowed to photograph the church inside.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Early Spring at Tingley Beach

In January, Will visited Tingley Beach fishing ponds
when the temperatures had been below freezing
and the ponds were partially frozen.

Warmer early Spring temperatures have thawed the ponds.
Spring Break  has brought out the local children!

Two men had remote control model boats on the 
model boat pond.

The fountain at the children's pond was covered with climbing children!

Mari found her own place to rest and pose for pictures.

The main pond was populated by adult and teen-age fishers.

The man who camped out in this space on the access ramp had a professional set-up!

The third pond was quieter.

  At the end of the pond,
was a giant cottonwood root turned over.
It was filled with textures, waves and great places
for a small doll fort!

The antelope and the goat.

Do you see the goat?

There was lots of artwork all around.
This fishy ball is between the third and fourth ponds.

The fourth pond was quietest,
with beautiful water.

At the end of the fourth pond: Jackpot!
A tiny fountain without children on it!
Perfect photo op for Mari!

Not far away, turtles were sunbathing.

Stream between the third and fourth ponds:

Another cottonwood root:

What a great day at the ponds!