Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter at the Botanic Garden

On Sunday,
I got to go the Rio Grande Botanic Garden!
This was my first time out in the big world.
It was a lot of fun!

There is a general area to the park with several gardens
and a big pond with geese.
I also got to see a road runner!

BioParkIntro - slideshow maker

I loved the beautiful colors of the flowers in the Mediterranean Greenhouse.
It was really warm and humid!

Mediterranean Greenhouse - slideshow maker

Another great exhibit is Heritage Farm.
It is modeled after a 1930's farm in the Rio Grande Valley.
It is a real working farm, but there wasn't a lot growing in winter.

Heritage Farm - slideshow maker

The most special place of all was Sasebo Japanese Garden!

Sasebo Japanese Garden - slideshow maker

I hope you enjoyed my little slide show.
I think I'm going to like living in New Mexico!

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