Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gone Fishing

On January 2nd,
"Cabin Fever" set in, and we set out into the cold.
I got to visit "Tingley Beach"
which isn't a beach at all, but 4 man-made ponds.
At the edge of a children's fishing pond
there was a mountain called a fountain!

The temperatures have consistently been below freezing,
and the edges of the fountain were icy.

West Side of the Fountain

West Side of the Fountain

East Side of the Fountain

The children's fishing pond was bright under the sun,
and the main fishing pond is visible beyond it's edge.

The north pond is for model boats, like in the book Stuart Little.
There is a large black ship near the model boat pond.

I had heard about the model sailboats that sail this pond,
and was hoping that a brave boater or two would have come out to sail.

What I found was a pond that had a "skating section"

and a "swimming" section.

It was funny seeing the ducks and geese sitting and standing on the pond!

Well, there were a few men and boys who had come out to fish,
but I thought it was too cold to be too close to the water.
Without the model boaters, the most interesting thing
was to walk around and watch the ducks and geese.

The main fishing pond was bigger and not frozen over,
so the ducks and geese happily swam around
looking for their next meal.

Maybe next time I go to Tingley Beach,
it will be warmer, and I will bring my fishing pole.

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