Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rio Grande Zoo in Winter

The afternoon temperatures are finally
ABOVE freezing!
It was time to go to the zoo!
I saw lots of animals.
These are some of my favorites.

Ducks on Ice

Feeding the Ducks on Ice

Los Lobos

Never smile at a crocodile...
There are two crocodiles, each in their own enclosure.

Reptile House
Komodo Dragon

Boa with Skins


Polar Bear Play
The polar bears were the stars of the day!
They were popular with visitors today.

Pacing Polar Bears
a girl nearby said they were "dancing"

Tortoises Not Out, 
but love the design and architecture at the zoo!

NM Territorial Style Bathroom and Snack Bar

Birds of Prey and Parrots
Golden Eagle

Andean Condor

By the condor exhibit


Joey in a Pouch

Snoozing Snow Leopards
The snow leopards are siblings about 2 years old

Another cat nap!

Giraffes~Ready for Lunch and a Siesta


Into Africa

Decorated Poles

Winter Blond

Life on a Limb

Tropical America
A variety of tropical snakes, monkeys, a few fish,
and lots of plants!
This is a warm, humid, and very STINKY exhibit!

Here Comes the Train!

There Goes the Train!

Downtown View from the Zoo