Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fall Portrait

Fall and cooler weather has finally come.
Will is back into his original outfit.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Will's Cowboy Clubhouse

 Welcome to my Cowboy  Clubhouse!
I have a bunk and a trunk in my clubhouse!
 I even have a beanbag for hanging out!

My clubhouse is a special place for me to be!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Out and About

 Today I had a great chance to go exploring the property!

 There were lots of signs of Spring everywhere!

 I was thrilled to find these amazing mushrooms!

I got to sit on the edge of this tree trunk and enjoy the sun and the view of the city for a while.

 There were new trees sprouting beneath the giant cottonwood trees! Some of them were bigger than me!
 Then I found an amazing place! I was ready to bring my cot and make a fort out of these tree roots. 

 I had more time to walk around, enjoy the sun and the green grass....

...and the great city view of Albuquerque.

Did you know that the Rio Grande makes it's path between this forest of trees called the bosque?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Will Travel

Will Travel

This is Will Travel, who arrived on April 25th, 2012.
Actually, his name is William Thomas Robert.
He proudly says that he has 3 boy first names.

But then, there is his nickname, "Will Travel". 
Just in case there is already a "Will Travel",
he decided to add the "66".

"You are the 66th Will Travel? How do you know that?
Is there a Will Travel 65?"

"No. I am Will Travel 66 because I live in Albuquerque. 
Route 66 goes through  Albuquerque, and even has a historic intersection.
That means I am 'Will Travel Albuquerque'. "

"Oh, well that makes sense. Will we travel around Albuquerque?"

"Yes! Albuquerque and beyond!"

Will Travel Route 66

Route 66 is of course, a historic road of many miles, covering many states.
One of those states is New Mexico.
You can travel through Albuquerque on Route 66 on Central Ave.

But then, there is something very odd about Route 66 in Albuquerque.
It is the only place in the U.S. where Route 66 intersects itself.
You see, before 1937, Route 66 headed north to Santa Fe
before turning south down to Albuquerque.

In 1937, the governor changed the route of Route 66 
so that it went straight from Santa Rosa
through Albuquerque, then creating an east/west road.
The two Route 66 roads intersect at 4th and Central,
creating what is now a rather trendy and historic shopping/entertainment area
as well as some claim to fame for Albuquerque.
So, should you happen to think of Route 66,
remember to make that right turn in Albuquerque
and enjoy the plaza at the intersection of Route 66.